About LiveWN

This project is WISHWARE

We would like to devote this effort to the hordes of people that have provided us with so elaborate tools for experimentation, development and production work: Linux kernel, GNU tools, Knoppix, Scientific Linux, OpenVPN, OpenAFS and more.

Since the vast majority of the basis of this work is either Open Source projects, or projects available under liberal licenses (gLite is assuming an ASFv2 license), and this is a derivative work, we want to declare it freely available as well. For any work which we have not explicitly copyrighted, the following applies: http://www.freebsd.org/copyright/freebsd-license.html ("s/FreeBSD/LiveWN/g").


Also, since many of the involved licenses do not allow us for imposing any further restrictions, we hereby attach two requests, in the form of "wishes" :

A. This software shall be used for: (highest priority first)

  • Civil Protection and welfare improvement on a global scale
  • Sharing of Knowledge, Information and building tools that help doing so
  • the Pursuit of Science and Basic Research

The software SHOULD NOT be used for activities that can knowingly be harmful.

B. The whole software stack SHOULD at some point be rewritten from scratch, in a license which completely prevents vendor lock-in, patent risk or exposure, and any kind of asymmetry in sharing it among individuals. The only kind of binding which is permitted and promoted is one that ensures paragraph (A). It is explicitly allowed to prevent any non-individuals or non-(A) individuals.


Giannis Kouretis (Project Developer)
Fotis Georgatos (Project Admin)


This work is supported by academic research within NTUA, Athens, Greece.
Associate Prof. Theodoros Alexopoulos
Assistant Prof. Georgios Tsipolitis

Latest News

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iSGTW Feature - LiveWN and gLiteDVD: true grid scavenging solutions. View full article here.

DOWNLOAD: gLiteDVD v.2.1.5-tar-RC4.

gLiteDVD v2.1.5-tar-RC4 is out. It includes well-known favourites: CERN software v12.0.6, PovRay, Octave, Wine, VLC, X environment. Please go to the download section to get it.