LiveWN and gLiteDVD

What if grid nodes were as simple to run as playing music on a compact disk player?

What if a new cluster involved zero installation and only minimal—if any—configuration?

What if setting up that new cluster took only a few minutes?

If all this were true, we would able to readily exploit the idle time of publicly funded computers, such as those in libraries, universities and schools. We could share resources among arbitrary users, Internet Service Provider members or Open Source Software projects. We could rapidly multiply computing power for urgent tasks. We could quickly and easily train novice users.

So, if you think it is impossible to run gLite worker nodes within virtual machines, or over dial-up lines with low-speed and ad-hoc connections, or behind firewalls and private networks, think again. All of these things are now feasible with a single solution.


Poster Our solution is to provide a LiveWN CD which builds during boot a VPN tunnel and attaches to a cluster's CE, during initialization.

All a user is asked to do is to run a script, type a login and a password. Even that step can be eliminated if required. It is extremely simple for an end-user, and very network-agnostic; it will run anywhere a 32 bit Linux operating system, can boot and get an IP adress; Existing Grid infrastructures can be significantly expanded with such solutions taking into advantage this technology.

Latest News

ARTICLE: LiveWN goes public...

iSGTW Feature - LiveWN and gLiteDVD: true grid scavenging solutions. View full article here.

DOWNLOAD: gLiteDVD v.2.1.5-tar-RC4.

gLiteDVD v2.1.5-tar-RC4 is out. It includes well-known favourites: CERN software v12.0.6, PovRay, Octave, Wine, VLC, X environment. Please go to the download section to get it.